The Autobiography Of Ben Franklin An Autobiography Template

The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is among the most searched for autobiographies in the world. He provides an autobiography sample that many have tried to follow.

Many have read Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography for its historical contribution and for its literary merit. In fact, multitudes have tried to mimic his attempts to attain to certain values and attributes.

Yet, in with all of his accomplishments Benjamin Franklin never elevated himself as to not be approachable or humble. It is this unique ability to see eye-to-eye with many different types of people that makes his autobiography so appealing.

It seems that many celebrity autobiographies exist only to enlarge the egos of the celebrities writing them. Not so with Benjamin Franklin. He outlines his reasons for writing in a letter to his son, which he includes as an introduction to his autobiography.

Here are his reasons:

1. He’s always derived “Pleasure in obtaining any little Anecdote or my Ancestors.”

Franklin recalls his own pleasure in gathering anecdotal stories about those in his genealogical line.

2. He “imagin[es] it may be equally agreable [sic] to you to know the Circumstances of my Life.”

Because he has found satisfaction in the stories of others, Franklin hopes that others will find some happiness in reading his work.

3. “Having emerg’d from the Poverty and Obscurity in which I was born & bred, to a State of Affluence & some Degree of Reputation in the World, and having gone so far thro’ Life with a considerable Share of Felicity, the conducing Means I made use of, which, with the Blessing of God, so well succeeded, my Posterity may like to know, as they may find some of them suitable to their own Situations, & therefore fit to be imitated.”

He succeeded in his life. He wants others to know his rags-to-riches story.

4. “[T]he next Thing most like living one’s Life over again, seems to be a Recollection of that Life;”

If given the chance, Benjamin Franklin states that he would live his life over again. But since that is impossible, for him, the best thing is remembering his life.

5. He wants “to make that Recollection as durable as possible, the putting it down in Writing.”

Even those who believe in life after death can’t resist the idea of preserving something of their lives here and now. As demonstrated by Benjamin Franklin, writing your autobiography is one of the best ways to preserve your story long-term.

6. “I shall indulge the Inclination so natural in old Men, to be talking of themselves and their own past Actions, and I shall indulge it… perhaps I shall a good deal gratify my own Vanity.”

My father-in-law likes to say, “The older I get the better I was!” This statement highlights our own vanity. But if we don’t get our life on paper, it won’t persist.

7. Finally, “I speak of thanking God, I desire with all Humility to acknowledge, that I owe the mention’d Happiness of my past Life to his kind Providence, which led me to the Means I us’d & gave them Success.”

We all have something to which was can ascribe our success. For Benjamin Franklin, it was God. As you write, don’t forget to thank the God of your success.

One can write an autobiography for any one of the reasons Benjamin Franklin mentions. He provides an excellent autobiography template.